Yesteryear Gallery

Photos from back when the fishing was at its best.

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Martin with a great bag Massive catch
A great bag of fish for Martin. Andy with a huge catch of Bream from the Inny fished overnight.
John with a Big Trout from Tommy's The old days on the Inny
A Huge Trout at Tommys. A reminder from the good old days.
John with a lovely Suck Bream Dennis with Bream from the bog hole
A Bream from the Suck. Dennis with a Boghole Bream
John with a Large Rudd Keith with a cracking Trout
A Large Rudd from Lough Ree. A lovely Trout on the Inny.
Martin with a pair of Roach A large Bream from 2010
2lb Roach a chuck. A cracking 2010 Bream
Cracking Brace of Rudd Perch from the Inny
Cracking Brace of Rudd  A cracking Perch on the Inny.
A 2-Tone Bream An old Bream
 A Two-Tone Bream A lovely dark old Bream
Derravaragh Bream A great bag of large Inny Roach
A large Bream from Derravaragh 2002 Large bag of Roach

These were taken before the sickness that wiped out the Bream stock in Ireland !

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