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September 06

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Monday 25th September

Peter rushed off around 2 pm down to Tommy's hoping that the fish are still there and failing to wait for me to sing Happy Birthday on his 60th plus Vat, sure enough they were. I called in to see what had been going on and found Peter all grins, with a net full of good size Hybrids and a couple of small bream topped of with a superb Rudd and some very good Roach.

Good roach Very good sized Rudd

On an alarming note, Peter landed a Bream and a Roach which was full of ulcers or what ever, this has been a typical picture for many years now with the Bream stocks almost wiped out.

Ulcerted Bream

Tail Rotted Ulcer under chin and fin

I would like to know if anyone out there can put their finger on what it might be via this picture.

One thing would be to have it analyzed, but where would we go over here, and us fighting against the fisheries people with them not wanting anyone rocking the boat about their precious fully stocked waters.

Saturday 23rd September

With more overnight rain and the wind dropping all the while made for another visit to Tom's.

I fished swim 26 this afternoon whilst Peter fished swim 20 to see if the fish were still active in the river. Small leads were the order of the day with a 14 hook baited with 4 Red Maggots, Peter had brought Worms but failed to pass any on to me perhaps it was the loss of his Brolly yesterday.

Having forgot to bring my seat I had to manage squatting on a car mat for several hours but I found the fish were in a very good mood at 26, first cast landed me a fine specimen Hybrid around the 3lb mark followed by a constant stream of good fish all of landing net size. Peter was into fish for the first hour and seemed to loose them, I did say that it must be a large Pike in the swim, Peter then moved up into 27 and had a fair catch of fish up until dusk and was very happy with the result.

Late net of Bream

In order to capture a few pictures I did use Peter's keepnet one of our pet hates but it served its purpose for the session

21st / 22nd September

At last, we've seen some real rain. It has taken a couple of spent American Hurricanes to bring us some decent rain which over the last 2 days have turned the River Inny into a different place all together.

Peter and I were at the river as soon as there was a break in the storms; having looked at the small brook just down the road from us it indicated there was fresh water entering the Inny. Sure enough, the river had coloured up and a slight pull on. Down at Tommy's the water is a lot deeper which tends to slow up any influx of water, at "White Bridge" and at "Red Bridge" it's really getting a move on now which points to better fishing.

Fishing at swims 26 and 27 proved to be 'the Spot' as the wind factor has a great bearing on comforts, coming from a Southerly direction it seems to meet at these swims with an up stream wind from the lake and a down stream wind from behind the Gravel Pit. Fish were not hard to come by, with float tactics at 12ft baited with Red Maggots on a 14 hook, Good size Roach and Rudd were coming in at a steady rate early on followed by some good Hybrids around the 2lbs mark and a good sprinkling of Perch too of which some were of a good 1lb.

Bag of Mixed fish Cracking rudd

It all turned out to be a great session for an afternoon/evening with 2 bags of fish weighing in around about 40/50lbs.

Scully even volunteered to count the fish ....

Scully counting away
erm 8, 9, 10, 11.....

Friday the 22nd Peter was on his own as I had to fix a Tractor in a hurry and was tied up until 5.30pm but Peter arrived at 6.30pm demanding Tea and for me to switch on the PC to view his pictures of the afternoons fishing. Bream!! Was the story of the day, yes Bream! 4 in total not big ones but never-the-less they were Bream along with good quality Roach and Perch We have been saying for quite some time now there are "New Bream" in the river and let's hope they continue to come up the river over the coming months.

New Generation of Bream

The tactics for today was a small Lead allowing it to swing round from the centre line cast to settle without letting any line out thus finding the same spot each cast. River conditions today were very good as the river is still very clean and slightly pulling that bit more and the wind was still blustery with the odd heavy shower which took its toll on Peter's Brolly, yet another one bites the dust.

September 06 Yes, I'm back!!

Sorry for the delay and my sincere apologies to all.

To date; we all have all witnessed the Hottest Summer in decades, with the lowest rainfall on record. These conditions have been devastating for the rivers and ponds with water level far below normal thus affecting the fishing and us humans.

Update on Scully, he's getting on well now and getting used to his steel plate in his leg,
I'm having to get used too a empty wallet but he's worth every penny.

The House Moving was a additional stress, now that's well under control with very little to do from now on I even got the telephone wires put on a pole at last, they must have been growing the thing. Fishing is what it's all about here! Peter, Chris and Frank have been out on the cooler days with great Tench Fishing and plenty of small Roach, Rudd and Hybrids at venues around the district, The River Inny, various small ponds around Strokestown, (which have a good depth of water) namely Conny Beg, Lough Lea and Lough Duff.

The Canal above Abbeyshrule has produced mighty catches of Tench after a good raking; fish up to 6lbs were taken along with good Roach and Rudd. That came to an abrupt end when the powers to be decided to cut the weed in this stretch by machine for the Canal Boating enthusiasts which have the same rights to the canal as anyone else. But I've have yet to see a boat using this stretch.

Peter with a large Tench John with a cracking Tench

Still on the subject of powers to be, The Fishery Board had an all out hunt for "The Killer Fish" (Chub) on our section of the Inny between Red Bridge and White Bridge with the aid of 3 boats 6 persons beside the ones carrying Clip Boards, Electro Gadgets bristling from every orifice for a week or more. I state as far as White Bridge for the simple reason that their boats were unable to go any further because its to shallow, they even dangled the Electro Gadgets over the bridge. After doing all this great work they failed to see the amount of small fry that they had destroyed by electrifying the river. We were told they caught 30 / 80 (according to different newspapers) and blamed The Pike Anglers from UK for importing them as Live Bait, I must say that importing Live Bait is not the thing to do by anyone coming to fish Ireland as there's plenty of Fodder Fish to be had.

It has been well known to anglers about "The Chub" which have been caught over the last 4/5years and was kept under raps solely to allow them to mature into good size (at this moment they average 8/12ozs) so when they arrived they were not much use to Pike Anglers. The press has had hand outs on the "Killer Fish" describing them as a threat to all other fish that swim in our rivers and will do The Local Tourism great harm.

A nice healthy young Chub

If the Powers-that-be contacted any fishery in the UK or any English Angler living here and found out a little bit about Chub all this News Paper Crap would have been told in the right prospective. They have even made a Film about it in Gaelic for the viewers in the West of Ireland to be shown at a later date!!!. I feel a lot better now I having Spouted off about the Fishery Board.

Up to the present week several groups of anglers have been at Tommy Foxe's enjoying what they describe as a very enjoyable week of fishing, Bob Harding and Mike Rogers from Luton, the first anglers I've met for a long time, fishing and staying at Tommy's enjoyed their first time on this part of the River Inny. Fishing around swims10/11 found the fish to be very obliging with good catches of large Roach, Perch and Good size Hybrids. Having found the access and accommodation to their liking they did say that they will return next year.

Mike and Bob from Luton

Gary Rain's party totaling 4 from Manchester were staying at Paul Foxe's and found the fishing to be rewarding and had reasonable fishing, bagging plenty of small fish along with the odd good Roach. I caught up with them on the latter part of their holiday in Lizzy Murray's and had a good chat and what seemed like a Pint every few minuets but I managed to stay upright until we were thrown out. Catching up with them on the bank the following day at swims 26/27 Gary and Paul was almost human and had a few fish in the net. John and pal (I didn't quite get the name the previous night, he was incoherent and full of "The Black Stuff" but he was still alive) did not fish and only managed to visit to the river for the Fresh Air and return to Tommy's sitting room for Large quantities of "Tea".

Paul on the Inny Gary hauling in a mighty fish

Peter, Frank and I found plenty of fish below at Malady's with a "Fish a Chuck" in a low river with plenty of bank Reeds and Grasses but after a little stamping around a swim was soon into production. Chris, and I found Peter one evening sat in swim 32 "The Bog Hole" having great sport with Good Roach, which had fallen to Red maggots under a Stick Float at 12ft, along with Perch and small Hybrids. Fishing below in swim 30 Chris and I settled into small Roach and Perch in a weedy part of the river but on moving to the inside line found better fish at a good weed free run, I was using the stick float whilst Chris used a small lead. Peter moved out because the light was going but we stayed on and soon came into good Hybrids for the last hour including 1 Bream.

A nice little new Bream

It's great to be back on the river bank after a long time messing with properties.

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