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October 06

(these reports are displayed as most recent first)

01 - 21st October

Autumn is now coming in very fast with all the leaf colors in full display and the evenings closing in by the day.

With a good supply of heavy showers the river and the lake has taken on a completely different look with the height increasing daily. Peter has been at it most days this month with good days and bad days, plenty of good Hybrids when there in the mood as well as Roach and the Pike are on the increase.

Four Italian pike anglers enjoyed a week of fishing with the aid of one of Tommy's many boats with good
catches of average weight Pike.

Other parties of anglers have been around but no reports as yet, only one whisper
of a Pike in access of 25lbs taken off Bethlem Point.

Gus Green from Roscommon had a great time over two weekends fishing swim 32 with the capture of some fine Pike, a 19lb a 20lb and two at 12lbs along with a fine bags of Hybrids, Roach and Perch. Another angler further upstream took a Pike of 22lbs from a boat.

The Lanesborough Pike Festival has also been on this month the top prize went to a superb Pike of 25lbs which won it's captor a new 17ft Lake Boat.

With Pike Fishing making all the headlines at the moment a party of 4 from Sint-Marie, Bornem, Belgium had a truly marvelous 6 days fishing, They are Marc and Rudy Heymans, Jan Boey and Francois De Meulder.

Marc with a nice Pike Francois with a big Growler
Marc with a fabulous river Inny Pike . . . . . . . . Francois with a Lean Autumn Pike

Jan with yet another big fish Rounding it off with a big Pike
Jan getting to grips with his supurb catch . . . . . . Rudy enjoyed his fine double figure pike

They totaled 109 pike in 6 days Best pike falling to Marc…110cm (43") in length and over 10kgs (22lb 8ozs)

The middle of autumn has seen the last of swallows leave us, however we have had a huge influx of Redwings and other winter type birds arriving, the hedgehogs have been highly active, feeding themselves up for the winter:

Redwing Horris the Hedgehog

Red Squirrels have also been highly active at this time of the year, but are difficult to photograph:

A timid red Squirrel

Lizzy Murrays Pub was entertained on Sunday the 15th by a very lively bunch of English and Irish Ladies, staying with friends at Mount Temple, 8 of them descended on Lizzy's and kept the party going into the wee small hours.

The lively ladies

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