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November 06

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This must be the worst month in the year like every other year with unpredicted weather, leaf litter, rise and fall of the river levels and of course the clocks going back.

Still with all these things against us there were time we were able to get in a few hours on the river bank. Peter has been the keenest as he would be, pushing hard to succeed in catching something. He did, just the odd Hybrid and a smattering of Roach and Perch.

I visited Peter on the bank on many occasions but the only tackle I had was the camera and a good set of thermals with a Thermos Flask with added stimulant (Irish) The Pike boys from Mullingar has been active with several trip to the river and have had rewards some good fish.

Two English lads were over, Dave and Ellis, for a spot of Pike fishing around district and found the Pike obliging at several venues with the best fish of over 17lbs.

Dennis also showed up at Peters front door to say Hi, he did most of his old haunts on the Canal and a visit to the river but the conditions didn't suit. Not giving up he had a trip to Finae on the river Inny at Lough Sheeling, here he managed 2 fine Brown Trout which were returned and blessed having made his days outing bearable.

Chris and myself conjured up a change of scene by having a week touring Northern Ireland for a spot of Twitching (Bird watching) around all the marks on Carlingford Lough, along the coast road to Stangford Lough (which is the Mecca for Bird Watching). We did manage to spot a rarity, a Male Barrow's Goldeneye.

Skirting the City of Belfast we touched on Lough Neagh which is Vast, onward and upwards to the coast road into Co Antim which is outstanding in it beauty and unspoiled vista. Passing Fair Head over looking Rathlin Island ( which at this time of the year is not too good for Bird whatchers. Further on to the North we found ourselves visiting the Bushmills Distillery just to look, not touch? (but we did) a bottle of 16yr old Whiskey. Just a few miles on we visited (The Giant's Causeway) a must if you travel around the north It's unreal!!

Finding ourselves at the Ferry terminal at Magilligan Point we crossed over into Donegal Having to change our money back into Euros from Sterling found us traveling towards Malin Head ( the furthest North one can go) You wouldn't want to go any further as it's the Bleakest Part in all of Ireland, but I must say it completed the Four compass Points of this wonderful Isle. Just a stones throw away is Lough Swilly yet another scene of great beauty and abundance of bird life, especially Inch Island, here there were more birds of all descriptions ( Wetland and birds passing through to warmer climes) than you could count.

Some of the Geese and Swans are pictured in flight below.

Two days were called for around this Lough to view all and we then moved on to Letterkenny and the Glenveagh National Park in the mountains to find out if the Eagles were home, No? they're like the fish (they were here yesterday) but the beauty of the park was really amazing. We had to move on as the weather closed in and we headed back down southwards towards home after clocking up over 1300 km and beginning to smell (or was it poor Scully) at this point, in desperate need of a shower.

Sorry there's not much about the fishing, so lets hope there's more joy in December.

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