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May 06

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12th - 30th May

Fishing has been slow to say the least for the end of this month, it has been probably one of the worst fishing times in the history of the Inny, May is usually the time when the fish are on the move, but no Bream were to be seen in any numbers and even the regular roach shoals failed to realise their potential, with a few fish being caught but only with huge amounts of patience.

What with a large overload of work, time has been scarce enough and nobody has really had much inclination to spend a day on a soaking wet river bank to catch the odd small perch, this has however been ideal weather to sit at home and eat a nice cod and chips and wait for things to pick up instead.

1st - 11th of May

The weather has been improving with warmer temperatures and prolonged sunshine.

With more anglers arriving all the time the fishing has been getting steadily better by the day.

The beginning of the month saw little reason to be getting excited, yes there were fish, but they were anything but consistent with small and timid bites.

My brother Brian and a group of his friends arrived to enjoy a spot of fishing staying down at Tommy's they had some lovely weather but the fishing was very hard going. They persevered though and had some good individual roach and hybrids but not the large bags of fish we have come to expect from May.

Meanwhile I had two visitors from Yeovil Town one regular Dave and his friend Terry, they had some enjoyable fishing but again the river, canal and lough failed to be consistent until Wednesday the 10th when things finally took off. The two of them went for a trip up the river above Red Bridge and found the place alive with good fish.

Roach were plentiful upto and over 2lb, Hybrids were also producing well that is until a couple of pike turned up to cause mayhem.

Dave holding up a pair of great roach A lovely clean looking roach for Terry

A mighty pair of roach for Terry

Even with the menace of the pike the fishing was very enjoyable, however Dave finally decided enough was enough and had a quick go for the pike themselves.

Dave holding up a pair of lovely Pike one weighing in at 16lb the other at 17lb+

Despite being homewards bound today Dave and Terry had an excellent final day to their holiday.

Two more anglers, Dave and Ellis, from Stoke-on-Trent enjoyed very good fishing down on the Inny yesterday with some fine specimens of Roach.

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