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March 06

(these reports are displayed as most recent first)

28th - 31st March

The weather has been holding off with the odd heavy shower that's topping up the river, slightly cooler than of late.

Dennis and friend have had a mixed holiday with little bits hear and there, his last trip to the River was more successful with some Hybrids and Roach. These Roach are the first to show and it is welcoming news , Peter also has managed to find a few Roach at swim 32. No news yet from Malady's, with the sign of Roach at Tom's they won't be too long reaching this section.

The forecasters are giving High Pressure to the West, Low to the East this again brings down the Northerlies making things uncomfortable now that were coming into April.

27th March

After the rain, things took off with a good showing of fish with the wind down to a breeze coming from the SW and the river conditions perfect.

Peter was out earlier this day at swim 32 (The Bog Hole) after seeing the local streams were high and colored all running into the Inny which is a good indications that things could be good. Absolutely correct, within minutes Peter was into good Hybrids even a Perch ventured out, having landed several fish he rang Frank and me to "Get down Here" I couldn't, Frank did! With a great net of fish at the end of this session Pictures show which weighed in around 60/80lbs, what a great few hours they had before running out of groundbait.

Method used was Feeder Tactics; most fish were taken on Maggots as they were hungry enough to take any bait.

24th - 25th March

Some good Soft rain has being falling and the temperature is a great 12c with a breeze from the SW.

Peter and Dennis joined up at Tom Foxe's for the 2 half days and found it to be Switched Off not a single bite between them. Each of them moved to several swims along the bank and tried all baits to no avail.

The clocks go forward tonight, so it might make us feel better now it's Summer Time!!

18th to 23rd March.

Still very Cold with the winds in the North with a promise of a change to South and some light rain.

Peter has had some great results within the last 2 outings fishing at swim 32 with Hybrids and a single Bream
but the fishing at "Malady's" was not too good at the moment.

Frank made 2 visits and Peter popped down for a few hours last Wednesday evening only to Blank.

With 2 sessions for an hour or so at Ballymahon Bridge Peter enjoyed catching Trout, 4 one of the days and 3 on Thursday all weighing around the 1lb mark, even a Big One that shed the Hook?

The first visiting angler has arrived (Dennis) for an early start to the season, dropping into Peter for a chat and an update.

Let's hope Dennis find some fish and reports back.

Myself and Chris went on a brief trip down to Portumna Forest Park and spent a few happy hours watching the Red Squirrels, Fallow Deer and Crossbills, whilst the Red Squirrels are somewhat hard to capture on camera we did have a go and the result can be seen in the wildlife gallery along with a new Reed Bunting in his Summer colours.

A highly enjoyable experience anyway.

16th - 17th March

Weather holding up well except the winds are gone into the North East and very Cold.

Excitement is on the up!!

Peter was into Hybrids over the last 2 days even though the sessions were short due to the weather. There was even a nice bream caught !

Worms and Maggots are the bait at this time being the most natural in the high and coloured water, feeder tactics also seems to be the best method. It's hard enough to strike with method and the bites very shy, what with the Brolly to your right keeping off the cold winds it impedes your striking ability (well that's what Peter excuses are )

Frank is beginning to stir at the news and rushed up to Mullingar for Maggots and Rodent Poison for his Tackle Bag
(it's Alive!! ) I myself, sat back watching and waiting 1, for the warmer climes and 2, the Mad Rush of Fish?

1st March to 15th

With the beginning of Spring 2006, the weather started with a very Cold start with temperatures well below the average and a short spell of Mild days with heavy Rain bringing the river well up to it's seasonal levels, now going back to a cold snap.

Determined to go fishing Peter braved the Cold with 2 trips to the river where he found the fish were not in the mood.

After the rains , with the river in flood Peter was at it at swim 32 (Bog Hole) first trip produced nothing but the second trip was a lot different, with the flow slightly down and not so much debris about at the first cast he had a Bite !! Due to Gill Fever he missed it. I was relaxing on the sofa when the mobile burst into life with Peter screaming "There's Fish about" so off I went still wearing my slippers to find Peter Crouched over his rod with great gusto.

Bites were coming in very regular, the first fish of the Spring was a delightful Hybrid captured by Peter of around the 2lb mark and with Roach in the swim with their rapid biting made it difficult to hook on the Feeder Tactics but we had a few. The Hybrids were still interested with 4 more of around the same weight, next strike Peter was into a "Biggy" he swear it was a Bream but we'll never know as it slipped the hook. It was down to not enough ground bait, that we lost the fish; well that's what Peter put it down to.

It was great to be able to get out for a few hours after the long winter, we were beaten back by the lack of bait and the Easterly Wind so it was back for tea and the story of "the one that got away"

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