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January 06

(these reports are displayed with the most recent first)

12th -31st January

Weather has been not too good of late with the water very low after such a good start.

Peter has been trying very hard to get back on top with several visits to the river as well as the ponds in
north Longford only to be disappointed, with the sport.

Chris and I decided to go to Kerry for a spot of Bird Watching for 3 days as the weather was favorable for such a trip, dry and Frosty. Lots of birds all types of ; Waders, Geese, as well as a good sighting of Egrets, Linnets, a pair of Peregrine Falcons and a Barn Owl. Even a Grey seal made an appearance.

Little Egret

A Seal Ruddy Shelduck Cross

Also a great turn of excitement over what we thought was a rare Duck which turned out to be a Hybrid (Ruddy Shelduck) mixed in amongst some Common Shelducks, but never the less we look forward to the next trip.

2nd - 11th of January

The weather is mixed as you would expect at this time of year. Generally cold and damp.

Well the fishing has already begun and the fish are coming fast with Hybrids, Roach and Perch with even the odd small trout, Peter has been out and about and Frank has been out today as well down the BogHole. There are fish to be caught if you dont mind the cold winds.

Alan Norrish was fishing at the boghole at the very begining of January alongside his Uncle Peter
and had a nice little bag of fish. Peter unfortunately blanked so Alan was 'Top Man'.

1st of January

Welcome to 2006 and yet another new year - many thanks for your support throughtout the 3 years we have now been running, the site is run as a non-profit website so we are always glad to see people visiting the site and finding it useful. However donations are of course always welcome ;-)

Happy new year and tight lines for the new season.

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