Native dog breeds of Ireland

Irish dogs are quite popular amongst dog lovers and breeders as they are unique and magnificent beasts, each breed with its own distinct characteristics and qualities. There are essentially nine native dogs of Ireland, and we will talk about each one of them during the course of this article. So, hold on tight, you are about to fall in love with Irish dogs!

setter irish The Setter Irish is a large dog with a lifespan of ten years, and with a medium coat of hair. Setter Irish is strong, intelligent dog with a good stamina. It needs a large house or at least a garden where it can run because a dog its size needs its exercise!

Irish wolfhound The Irish wolfhound is another large dog which can grow up to huge sizes. Although it doesn’t grow larger than the Dane but its size makes it a majestic and loyal dog. It is probably the only Irish dog that has been mentioned a lot in Irish literature.

Kerry blue terrier On the other hand, Irish terriers are the cutest and the most adorable dogs ever. The Kerry blue terrier, which historically used to be a farm dog, became a very popular dog breed in the last century because of its soft blue coat, and its ability to be a wonderful companion. Kerry Blue terriers are known for their loyalty and intelligence. Terriers are comparatively smaller dogs so they can live in smaller homes with no gardens.

Irish terrier The Irish terrier is a native Irish breed that is very different from dogs in England and other countries. This particular Irish dog breed has had the honor of being a messenger dog between the trenches during First World War. It is relatively smaller sized dog, required an hour of exercise each day but you would not want him inside your bed as it is known to shed hair.

Terrier Irish Glen Terrier Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier belongs to a breed that was once ignored and often used as fodder at dog fights but after generations of hard work and evolution, this terrier caught attention of breeders and started making appearances at dog shows.

Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Whereas the Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is the oldest terrier breed in Ireland, which was bred purposefully for its soft coat. They were used by farmers to hunt otters and vermin.

Red and White Setter The Red and White Setter is the older breed of Irish Setters, they are large Irish dogs that enjoy living in the country and love to exercise.

Beagle Kerry Beagle Hounds on the other hand are magnificent beasts that can live in both town or country and can even live in a small house despite their large size. They are excellent hunting hounds and their baying can be heard from miles!

Spaniel Irish Water Lastly, the cutest and the most adorable Irish dog, Spaniel Irish Water. It has a magnificent coat of hair, is very intelligent and strong, and is slightly wary of strangers but an extremely loyal family dog nevertheless. Its stamina and strength is amazing for a dog of its size. It’s a joy to have a Spaniel Irish Water around as these dogs have a great sense of humour and are fun to play with.

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