Best Spots in Ireland for a fishing-there is some for any kind of taste

In Ireland, it is a lot of great places for that. We will tell you few things about three great ones.


Strabane, County Tyrone

This is really one of the best places for fishing vacations. You don't need to be happy with one river, you can choose between even four rivers-River Mourne, River Finn, the River Row and the River Faughan. Most popular fishes here for sports fishing are brown trout, sea trout, grilse, and salmon. Nice catches for anyone who like fish soup, grilled fish or only to have a fish head as a trophy on your wall.

Donegal Bay

This is the place where many fishing enthusiasts coming for many years. This is the place for people who want to hunt in salty water. It is a lot of different fishes. Here you can catch Pollock, wrasse, pouting, conger, ling, cod, ray, stake, monk as well as big Bluefin tuna. For those who like challenges, here you can hunt even blue sharks. That is a fantastic place for everyone who likes fishing and adrenalin. If you are the competitive type who will go on a fishing trip with your friends, it is a great place for competition. Who will catch a bigger fish? Why not you?

Waterville, County Kerry

This is the place who like fast rivers with clear, cold water. You can also enjoy in lakes if you prefer lakes for fishing more than rivers. In Ring of Kerry, you can catch a lot of different kinds of fish, so you can get a great soup or great trophies also. Except that, it is a great place for adventure and for enjoyment in a view. Fishes you can catch here are brown trout, sea trout, and salmon and speckled Bass.


If you planning to go on fishing vacations in Ireland, it is really important to choose a right place and right equipment for that. There is a lot of websites where you can inform about fishing sticks what would be perfect for your fishing trip, but here we will inform you also about a right fishing shoes.

Don’t forget to choose a good quality fishing shoes

When you are choosing a right fishing shoes, you should consider taking shoes of good quality. On you can choose a huge number of fishing shoes and it is easy to choose the best quality for the competitive price.

You should consider choosing shoes what will fit great to your feet, great resistance to water and also you need to take shoes what will not slip in mud or on beaches. It is important to have a good support for your feats so you can be sure you will not fall down and get injured. Regular shoes just not fit this task because different ground and slippery field are not secure if you don't wear right shoes.

When you choose your new fashionable and secure fishing shoes, you just need to choose a perfect place for fishing.

In Ireland is possible to enjoy in lot more places for best fishing experience, some of those are:

  1. Delphi, County Mayo
  2. Lough Muckno, County Monaghan
  3. River Rye, County Kildare
  4. Screebe House, Connemara, County Galway
  5. Lagan River, County Antrim
  6. Lough Corrib, Connemara, County Galway
  7. Rosses Point, County Sligo

Just choose your favourite place, best equipment, and great fishing shoes, and of course, best persons for a company, and you are ready for the best fishing experience in Ireland.

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