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February 06

(these reports are displayed as most recent first)

13th - 27th February

With the winds still in the North it makes fishing very near to impossible, with water levels still very low and severe night Frosts I prefer to stay at home.

Chris had some guests over to visit, his Sister, Jo, landed with Genna and Claire, on their first ever irish fishing trip they landed a six pound pike from Arnee Point.

With all the worst possible conditions a Pike Match went ahead on the 26th Feb
on Lough Ree at Barley Harbor and from Port Runny this was split to
accommodate anglers from both sides of the lake.

This was an Open competition hosted by the Newtown Cashel Angling Club, and was well attended with 10 boats out of Port Runny and 33 from Barley Harbor the best pike falling to Sean Kelly from Athlone and the winner of a terrific prize of a New Lake Boat worth in excess of €2,000. Second Prize of €300 went to Richard McDermott, Shane Diffley was 3rd netting €200, 4th place saw Gerry Clyne earning himself a respectable €100.

List of anglers and their weights

Sean Kelly --- 22lbs 7ozs.
Richard McDermott --- 21lbs 13ozs.
Shane Diffley --- 20lbs 1.5ozs.
Gerry Clyne --- 19lbs 6ozs.
Steven Heraty ---19lbs 2ozs.
Peter Foy --- 19lbs 1.5ozs.
Kevin Farrell --- 18lbs 15.5ozs.
Gerry Healy --- 18lbs 8.5ozs.
Donal Farrell --- 18lbs 3ozs.
Pat Healy --- 18lbs 1/2oz.
Austin Healy ---17lbs 1.5ozs.
Mark O'Connor --- 16lbs 9.5ozs.
Gerry Healy --- 16lbs 1oz.
Tony Mc Manus --- 15lbs 7ozs.
J J Craven --- 15lbs 3.5ozs.
Shane Gill --- 14lbs 8ozs.
Sean Devine --- 14lbs 6ozs.
Steven Lee --- 14lbs 5ozs.
Ger Hand --- 13lbs 15.5ozs.
Seamus Finn ---13lbs 7.5ozs.
Seamus Finn --- 13lbs 6ozs.
Patrick Melley --- 13lbs 2ozs.
J J Craven --- 10lbs 7ozs.
Steven Heraty --- 9lbs 5ozs.
Austin Healey --- 4lbs 6ozs.

Some of the fine specimens from the day.

A Hen Harrier was seen coasting over Tommy Foxes closely followed by a hooded crow, which mobbed it until the harrier finally gave up and flew off.

February 1st to 12th

This half of the month has been much the same as January; Dry Frosty and No Rain for at least a month.

Peter has tried all his haunts without a bite not even 1 fish to take a picture with the New Camera - so he's taken up with his garden and propagating Worms and Bird Tables and even a Bird Bath.

Peter and the bird table.

With the lack of fish about its time to get ready for the new season, checking the tackle and getting the Mice out of your tackle box hoping they've not eaten too many floats. With the boat due for an overhaul along with the engine it won't be too long for things to wake up.

Now the nights are drawing out, we notice the bulbs are budding and the early trees are swelling there buds.

Birds are beginning to burst into song which is a sure sign of spring.

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