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April 06

(these reports are displayed as most recent first)

27th - 30th April

Weather has been a mixture of sunshine and showers, with a cold snap to the air.

Lots of anglers on the scene over the last few days, with very mixed successes, the Inny is good one day and poor the next, the roach are still heading upstream but not in the kind of numbers that should be expected and much later than in previous years.

There are still fish to be had but the going is tough.

24th - 26th April.

Weather has been much improved with warmer days and sunshine.

The fish have been moving through the entrance of the River Inny, evenings have been very successful with large amounts of good sized Roach and Hybrids with almost a fish a chuck. The warmer waters are finally bringing the Roach shoals up with some excellent females between 2lb's and 3lb's being seen and caught.

Many fish are topping and even some Bream have been caught.... who knows maybe there are still some Bream left in this area.

The canal is still producing good bags of fish and some of the surrounding lakes have had anglers moving in to fish them.

21st /23rd April.

With the weather beginning to improve things should pick up on the angling front.

Many more anglers are appearing by the day now there is a better chance of knowing where the fish are coming from.

Lanesbourgh (Hot Water Stretch) are seeing plenty of visitors with variable catches of Roach and Hybrids.

Frank and Peter had their best results at "Malady's" with the River Inny producing outstanding fishing over the weekend with large (female Roach) falling to maggots on both Float tactics and The Rolling Lead, and a good supply of Hybrids.

Chris visited "Lough Conny Beg" with his report of plenty of Roach feeding, all falling to Maggots with a good supply of Large Roach to make his visit worth while.

Two local lads, Robert and Paul fished Tommy's for a night session and found the fish to be plentiful with several Large Hybrids around the 3lb.mark. As for myself I have had to wait it out whilst I make the move to a new Cottage a short distance from the River Inny with my Tackle spread all over the place it will be a while before I'm out on the bank, but the reports will still be on-line.

19th - 20th April

Weather is great, mild spring temperatures with little wind.

Reports have been coming in thick and fast of fish starting to appear, large catches of tench have been showing up along the canal around Mullingar (20 fish in one session). The Inny is still producing fish, a mixture of Roach, Rudd, Perch, Hybrids, Trout and the odd small Pike, not in huge numbers but the fishing is steady.

17th/ 18th April

Weather, still at it's best with the winds SW. light and the odd shower.

Report from Robbie Marsh, who fished Tom Foxe's over the weekend into the hours of Darkness was very enlightening with a great catch of Bream, Hybrids and Roach, best Bream weighing in at 6lbs 5ozs best bag was 52lbs.

A fine Bag

Frank was first to register a Fish from "Malady's" Monday evening 2 small Roach, with a visit on Tuesday afternoon with Peter was even better, more large Roach (female) are heading upstream along with small fish, closely followed by the odd Pike. After this session the two of them were very pleased to find Fish at last making an appearance.

I hope this will be the start of the new season after the long winter.

16th April

Great day for fishing, winds in the South West, moderate with the odd shower.

Peter and I had a tour around the ponds at Strokestown just to see if any anglers took a fancy to these small ponds as there seems to be little going on elsewhere. On crossing the Shannon at Lanesbourgh, there were little signs of anglers, also on the return journey there were a few trying their luck but there was no nets in the water.

On our tour we dropped into several small ponds and found a angler at Lough Duff which turned out to be an old friend of mine Dave McCormack an Englishman that moved over several years ago. One small Roach was the catch up until we left him I hope he caught more in such a beautiful place.


Peter and I moved over to that feeder stream that we had found on the 15th to see if there were fish there, sure enough there were plenty and they were in a great feeding mood. After an hour or so pulling in small to medium fish I decided to do a bit of filming to capture Peter on all-fours hiding behind a Clump of Grass.

Anyone who saw this had to be right in saying "Mad Dogs of an Englishman" (Angler) I must say that it was very enjoyable.

15th April

Good weather today, very mild and little wind.

There are anglers around at "Red Bridge" and "Tom Foxe's" but after the first few hours very little and in some cases Not a Bite was to be had.

Peter and I headed of to Strokestown (Conny Beg) a collection of small deep ponds, with the weather favorable we thought this could be it! No, not a bite!! After pulling out of there we stopped at a small feeder stream just up the road, this leads into the run-off system called Conny Free. It was full of Fish, Roach, Rudd and Perch all in this 8ft wide stream by 12ins deep, you can imagine the surprise, out came the rods and we spent an hour pulling out fish every chuck from the road bridge….not a place you could set up and fish because of traffic.


7th to 14th April

Things have slipped back some what over the last week with conditions very Poor, mainly the High Winds and Low Temperatures with Heavy showers.

We should be enjoying good sport now but we have not been able to go too far from the house, Peter has tried the river at "Malady's" in between showers on several occasions but found the fishing not responding to his charms.

Elsewhere…There's been no report of fish or even anglers braving the conditions. With this Easter Holiday approaching anglers will be on the move looking for places too go to catch fish but sadly I could not recommend any spot at the moment.

1st April to 6th April

Still in a Northerly Blast to start with now backing to South Westerly, Frosty nights and a Stiff Breeze. River conditions are perfect with water still running off the land topping up the system.

House Martins and Swallows are showing around the area at last, even the Sky Larks are gathering at Tommy's.

With all things very spring like, the fish are slow to get on the wagon, probably due to the water temperature from the inflow off the land. Peter and Frank have had daily trips Malady's but failed to make contact with any fish. I had a few hours at Toms and managed to bag a few Hybrids and Trout (No Roach).

We all are keeping up with the Angling Papers and are quite amused by some of its comments regarding the Irish Angling scene, "The Bream are back" "Large catches of Mixed Bags" "Spring Venues" for 06 "Night Fishing" who wants to spend there Holiday staring at a night light and sleeping all day, there's more to enjoy here with finding a spot on a small pond / Canal or a shady spot on the river and catching a few fish instead of filling people's heads with "Bag up on Bream" I'm afraid it's going to be very difficult to meet this dream.

The Central Fisheries Board are encouraging visiting anglers to check on web sites for up-to-date info (Who's out there finding out and reporting what and where to go???) all B&B's seem to have the best swims in Ireland and what's more the Price of Bait has gone up €1 per pint (sorry!!)

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